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Originally Posted by silent_guru
The field is very smooth, very short grass. I double checked my prop and I am runing an eflite 10X8e, the same as I had on my Mini-pulse. It felt like a real dog in the air and I had to give a lot of up trim to get her to fly "hands-off", but it was not acting nose heavy. It suer did look pretty though, in fact I stoped by hobby USA in Ashland Ma. to pick up a new one today I'll re-maiden later this week. I am going to use nylon bolts for the landing gear becasue I have proven to myself that the wheel pants will not poke thru the wing like it would on my mini-pulse if they snap. Maybe I am just use to faster planes like my T-28 and the Taylorcraft really won't fall out of the sky at half throttle I guess I iwll find out
i Had that problem and ended up moving the batt. back and across the landing gear (under the pilot seat) its still just a touch nose heavy but it fly great
I run a HXT 35*36C motor and a 2200 zippy packs but once I got that down its been great I still need maybe 2 notches of of elevator but I can live with that as far as the gear goes I run 2.5" tires and there great on the rough stuff and I Epoxied the sh&* out of the cross brace on my second one and I have not had I problem sense and I have bent the gear alot but never had it come out of the plane!! and rember IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE (see My 1st T-Craft) but the gear stayed attached!!
here's A short Video of the 2nd one
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