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Originally Posted by silent_guru
... not a hard landing by any means, and the gear ripped right off. My Mini-Pulse was tender in this area also ...
I have both the Taylorcraft and the Mini Pulse as well. I do a LOT of touch and go passes with all of my planes and although I'm no professional, I'm not too bad at it and landing in general. I've had the gear rip out on both planes from less than perfect landings - by no means crashes. I reinforced the gear mount area with plywood on the Taylorcraft and have had no problems since - so definitely don't give up on it, it's a fantastic plane. The gear struts will bend now instead of cracking wood.

The Taylorcraft has probably the thickest gear struts of any of my planes and it would never bend before doing damage to the fuselage before I reinforced the wood. I'll have to do this to the Mini Pulse as well because there's a crack that's starting to widen - but it's held up in stock form much better, maybe due to the thinner gear struts that bend easier. My GP Ultimate Bipe has really thin struts and I've never had any problem because they bend way before breaking any wood. I'm pretty sure all three of these planes are around the same AUW for me - about 30oz. I guess I could have just gone with thinner gear instead of beefing up the mount area.

- Scott
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