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You are right, and I would think what with all the energy spent getting F3K WC status, and international acceptance, to install a second class for handlaunch serves little purpose. The WAG could have have easily used f3k tasks as spectators would not know the difference, and qualification could easily be based on each countries largest two f3k (dlg) events for qualification. If the FAI really wanted the USAs best, then the IHLGF and the Polecat would be the 2 USA qualifiers. The top 2 highest placing pilots over both events would go, rather than the format we have- and no separate event needs to be flown- but the objective of ranking pilots would be acheived. In fact- USA pilot-we should do this regardless-take the normalized scores over both events and come up with a national ranking...

For the UK, would it be just as useful to determine the 2 qualifying events be based solely on the number of registered pilots? Are there 2 premier events in each country that would serve to determine that countries best?

I would think the German Open would be one contest for selecting 2 german pilots for the WAG- no separate F6D event would ever be flown- and regardless of whether a german pilot won or not- the top 2 would be ranked for Germany only.
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