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I can fully understand Yves frustration. I don't think this is in any way a dig at the Poway event.. but more at the inconsitencies with how the qualification for F6D at the WAGS is currently formatted.

Rather than being based on individual countries getting invitations allocated to them, it is based on continents. This means that it is pretty much guarenteed that the USA will get a couple of pilots automatic selection to the WAG's. I guess (although I might be wrong) that Brazil will also get a couple of guys automatically invite, as they are the only country I know of in South America who are very active in handlaunch.

This is great, because the USA and Brazil deserve to have a couple of guys each reprisenting them at what is effectively an FAI International championship event.

It gets a bit more complex in Europe as we have a lot of different countries but only two competitors from the whole continent get automatic selection.

I think the structure would be far better if the top two pilots from each country in F3K were given automatic selection to the WAG's. This would mirror the type of selection process a typical World Championship event has.

There are approx 20 countries worldwide that are active in F3K, this gives 40 competitors and the chance for a genuine battle for the F6D crown at the WAG's.

In the UK, we can just about guarentee getting one or two pilots selected by doing the following.

Organise 4x NAC events, make cheap EPP models and give them to anyone who is willing to turn up, telling them just to chuck-glide the model in each slot.

Agree that if any one pilot gets a 1st and 2nd place in the first two comp's (which should guarentee enough points to get selected to the WAG's), then they only 'chuck-glide' in the next two NAC's so someone else has the opportunity to score top points too and get their selection process.

I've no problems in doing this - but it is not a well thought out, fair or transparent selection process. Paticularly for a chance to compete at what has been touted as a more prestigious event than any World Championship. (?)

Don't get me wrong, I'd love the chance to compete at the WAG's, I just find it ridiculous that in the UK we have to construct some sort of ridiculous selection process, artificially engineered to help increase the chance of entry... while in the USA has the much more simple (and fair) option of just running one event and sending their top two pilots.
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