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Originally Posted by ydevriendt
Right Richard. Good to see at least a few of us have understood how this "competition" works.

As for Poway (I mean the F6D Friday selection contest and not the IHLGF) : I don't see why pilots with a valid FAI licence would not be entitled to carry their scores forward to the world ranking table.

Let's be logical and turn this thing around : pilots - independant of their nationality - without a valid FAI licence should not be eligible for selection of an FAI event (WAG 2009). Nor should they be allowed to participate in a 2008 WAG selection event, even if it is an AMA sponsored event. This does not make any sense at all. It's a joke.

As a Belgian competitor I can effectively score points during the forthcoming WAG selection contest in Torino, but I cannot by flying the WAG selection contest on the Friday in Poway. This is illogical.

Yves De Vriendt

Yves I personally couldnt agree more, but this is not a Poway or ron scharck issue and opening up the thread in the way you did was missing the mark from the get go. This is an item to be changed by the FAI. We were asked to host a national selection contest directly by the WAG organiser. We followed the guidance they provided, and are well behind the rest of the world with wag-speak. Frankly TPG was looking to provide some incentive and interest in a friday event, rather than a pro am etc. There is very little interest that the IHLGF committee has towords politcs, or exclusion, and would hope that your insights would be heard by the FAI. We cannot run a contest outside the rules as published, and do not have the enthusiam toward WAG to then account for all the "what ifs." We dont give you ranking credits (whatever that really is) for Torino. We are excited to have you attend, and look forward to seeing you at the contest.
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