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The alternative is to let domestic competitors compete without an FAI license, and also allow any foreign pilots to enter if they have a valid FAI license. This should keep everyone happy. (EDIT ops, I re-read your last post and realise this is what you were suggesting )

It is one of those situations where saying "yes" will harm nobody (as the top pilot(s) from North America will still get their automatic selection place). However I suspect the answer will still be 'no' from the FAI.

In principle I agree with the idea of having a competition format for 'air-sports promotion' that is designed to get spectators interested in the hobby. OK, the actual flying is not as exciting as F3K, but who cares if there are a load of spectators cheering.

The difficulty we have found, is that we have to fly this same format in qualification events.. where typically there is no audience. Pilots who already have a busy calendar with F3K events find it difficult to find the motivation to travel several hundred miles for a competition, where in theory they might only fly two rounds.

It's the same solution that keeps popping up. Have the F3K WC's on alternate years to the WAG's (looks like this is what will happen anyway), use the domestic F3K league to select pilots for each country to put forwards. Then there is no dilemma for pilots with a hectic calendar to decide between attending a WAG selection contest or an F3K league event.

Don't you just love politics
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