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I think your highlighting two separate issues.

1. The WAG selection process is a bit of a joke, it should have been constructed in such a way that each country has their own selection process and the top 2 pilots get an invite.

2. An "international hand-launch" festival, should be just that. (EDIT - having said this, I can understand the organisers dilemma, as a international WAG contests requires an FAI license, and it is unrealistic to expect domestic pilots to have to pay out for this, just to enter the contest.)

IMHO the selection process is badly thought out as it gives individual countries an opportunity to manipulate the results to pretty much guarantee entry. Invite all your friends and family to an event, give them an alula and a transmitter and tell them to give it a quick chuck-glide when the slot starts.... and 'ta daaa' you have given the competition winner a load of extra points to carry onto the 'world ranking table'. (as points carried forwards are dependent on the number of entrants.)
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