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No more $200 foamies!

Here's my rant: I can't be the only one here that's getting tired of the trend towards higher and higher priced foamies. What's going on here? How did a pound of styrofoam get so expensive? I have no choice but to pay almost $4.00 a gallon for gas but I do have a choice when it comes to the hobby. No more ridiculously priced foamies for me. If it's not GWS-priced then it's not for me.

Here's a couple of examples: I really want the Art Tech Su-27 that HL sells. $250 with tx/rx/servos and by all accounts, marginal fans, motors and lipo. No way. The new Sapac Gripen. $230 with 70mm fan and motor, Sureflight-type foam finish. No thank you. FlyFly Mig-29. $260 with 92mm fans and no motors. It's big with nice detail but How Much? I don't think so.

I have a really nice Multiplex EVO 9 and other gear so I don't want (low tech) TX/RX/servos. I also don't want the marginal motors, fans and lipos. Now that I've experienced WeMo and HET I'm done with the low quality control parts.

Ok, so I'm a big fan in general of the GWS airframes. I just bought a J-10 and it is an impressive model. It's big, made of nice foam and has nice molded in details. For $60 for an NPS kit who can complain?

If we keep supporting the companies in China that insist on loading the airframes with el cheapo electronics they'll keep sending them. I don't care about their profit margins. I bust my @$$ 12 to 14 hours a day at work so they're not getting any more of my US$$.

I like that HL is carrying the airframe parts for the StarMax Gripen and the Rafale. Probably others too. A week or two ago I preordered the Rafale airframe parts. Thanks to HL for thinking of us. Sapac does sell the Eurofighter airframe only too. That's a nice one.

This is probably just my reaction to escalating gasoline prices but I'm done throwing $$ away on stuff that I won't use just to preserve someone else's profits.

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