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Originally Posted by k_sonn
For the sake of discussion, let's do some cost comparisons. The batteries you refer to cost $695 per set. Batteries, if properly taken cared of, will give about 150 cycles (flights). The cost per flight is $4.63 (695 / 150). The current cost of kerosine is $36 for 5 gallons. Turbine oil cost $29 per quart so the cost of 5 gallons of kerosine is $65. I have a kero-start (no propane needed) Jetcat P-70 powered airframe that burns 74 ozs of fuel per flight. 5 gallons equals 320 ozs so for 5 gallons of fuel I get 4.3 flight (320 / 74). The cost per flight is $15.12 (65 / 4.3). So, it costs me 3.27 times more per flight to fly a P-70 powered airframe than it does to fly the Comp ARF Spark.


You have to shop around for your fuel and oil, you can DO MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! I pay $2.20 per flight, for my turbine oil and kerosene. I have 80 ounce tanks and I usually use 45 -50 ounces at a time for a 10-12 minute total run time or 7 minute "wheels up" flight. I think my 18.5 pound thrust Wren Supersport will get better fuel burn rates than my Jetcat, but I have not flown it yet to compare. If I "hot fuel", or fly 2 or three flights back to back, add a couple ounces of fuel burn on the ramp to the figure.

As an aside, oil could be had for $12 bucks a quart, or less. Whoever is charging you what you are paying for your oil should not get another dime or word from you. If the FBO is where you are getting it from, find a new FBO or buy a box from the internet. Turbine oil, unopened, has a 40 year shelf life. Fuel: Buy fuel during the sales at this time of year, last year I bought 5 gallon drums for 3 dollars a gallon locally.

I pay about $130 bucks a season for my kerosene and oil. That's all my turbines cost me to run for a year. I just paid $130 after shipping and more solder and Deans plugs for two park flyer EDF batteries!!!

I guess it depends on where you buy yor fuel - batteries and "fuel" - the both of them.

As far as the merits of running a turbine or EDF powerplant, I think most realize the choices are good these days. Either way we're gonna spend some bucks in these areas. Both big EDF and turbine. We all have our preferences and thresholds for annoyance (sound, smell, flammability, support equipment factor, etc).
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