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Originally Posted by KCinNC
the only time mine ever "bobbed" was when i tried running one of the Loong max 1300 would bounce on the long unsupported battery tray, which caused the Heli to kinda bob....i use the CSRC 1200...steady as can be
Earlier in this thread you guys were trying to help me with my bobbing issue with my Compy. Using a 800mah 3s with a HDX300 and the stock wooden blades with a head stiffener and metal fly bar cage. The bird would become uncontrollable in it's bobbing and I would have to land right away. But it didn't do it with trimmed esky FP blades. Well I threw a tail blade the other day so I took the head and blades (wooden compy) off the compy and put them on my HBFP. Flew perfectly. No bobbing what so ever. (Weird!)

So if that setup ran great on the HBFP and ran horrible (bobbing) on the compy then it must be some issue with the Compy power train. Maybe I am not adjusting the belt properly? Maybe my tail blades were out of balance?

I'm thinking maybe there is a relation here with the compy bobbing and then having one of the blades fly off....

Could it be that one of my tail blade grips was loosening up causing the tail to be out of balance causing the bobbing?

I won't know till I get my TREX 450 tail in.

Oh and I got my M-24 blades in. Compared to the woodies they are INSANE! Tried them on my HBFP with a 3s and a 9t pinion. I was close to WOT just to hover. Head speed was insanely fast. And if I put these on the Compy they would spin even faster cause the Compy weights more.
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