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Re: Forget content, it's size that counts

Originally posted by BEA flyer
Sparky, how many bytes is that picture you posted? I can't get even pictures that my free eyeball webcam took posted because the file sizes are too big.

Re pretty girls, I think they should definitely have clothes on if they are portrayed holding a model airplane on the cover of a magazine. Everyone knows that UV exposure is a major caiuse of skin cancer, and sunblock reacts with monocote and other heat shrink covering.
The original image is from a Pencam... 960x1248, 216.1 kB.. the one mentioned was resized to 605x786, 98 kB to get below the 100k limit.
The parking lot over there BTW is the western terminus of a multi-use trail the city of Palmdale has installed out in the boondocks. Lots of foot and bike traffic. I ride it a lot on my mountain bike.. And there's many women who use it. Many more than I've ever seen stop by a model airplane field..
And here's one of the oldie but goodie RCM covers...VERY healthy young lady...
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