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Originally Posted by Lee3429
The screws that go through the wing appear to go through the wing spars? That would certainly weaken that area? or crack the spars? Or am I missing something?
Wing bolts goes trough the thick root wing ribs, not trough spars. You should drill those holes precisely and reinforce them simply soaking the balsa with CA glue.
Originally Posted by Lee3429
Directions for Rudder construction say "Glue the parts on the bottom sheeting...Then sand to a taper prior to the covering the other side? This is sanding only one side of the internal construction and would this not put a different angle on one side and not the other...I could understand sanding the internal pieces with taper on both sides prior to gluing to the bottom sheet? What is the correct way to do this?
I did as I described in the instructions and correct the possible warp when aplied the other side balsa sheeting. The rudder is straight.
Originally Posted by Lee3429
Hinges for the Rudder and Stabilizer is just like cellophane tape (scotch tape?) Is this strong enough? How then do you cover over the tape with the covering film on the hinged edges that meet?
You should cover the tail feathers separately. When covered, you use clear self adhesive tape (1 cm or ~3/8" width) and join moving part of tail to the stabilizer. (rudder to fin, elevator to stabilizator). You should use tape on both sides, but allowing free movements. The clear tape is strong enough, but you can use also a hinge tape available in hobby shops.
There is also another solution, just to cover both part with one piece of covering and use that covering as a hinge. But you must know what you are doing as covering shrink under iron and is kind of tricky business to achieve proper hinge function.
Originally Posted by Lee3429
Motor mount says from 4 - 6 degrees...Is this just best guess? Or is there a more exact or technical way to do this?
The ammount od side and downthrust depends strongly of the motor torque and propeller. The stronger the motor, more side and downthrust is needed.
With such mounting of the motor, we prevent that model will want to do a loop under full power and go circling. There is a side effect also on the outlook of the model. More side and downthrust of motor, more odd became the nose of model
But anyway pilot should compensate any unwilling tendency of model under power using proper ammount of correction on controll sticks (elevator and rudder), or if transmitter allows, you should set some mixers (K1->ELEV, K1->AILE) to fight those unwilling power side effect.

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