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I just love these threads!
What I find funny is that these things always come down to how your intellect reflects on how you respond to pictures of pretty girls on a magazine cover. Two words: NERD ALERT! Guess what, if I didn't check out a pretty girl on the cover of a model magazine, I'd be checking out a pretty girl as I walked out to my car in the parking lot, and then 30 seconds later I'd be checking out another pretty girl in the car next to me at the light as I drove home from the hobby store....on and on. We are men, we are programed this way, we look and will always look even when risking the consequences if our girlfriends or wives catch us looking. A pretty girl doesn't make the sale for me but chances are I will probably look and even the biggest Ned Flanders out there might take a quick gander. And don't think this is a generational thing. Example: I fly at a park where female joggers are always passing by and some of the worst/outlandish comments are always coming from one of our older pilots.
I remember those old RCM covers from the late 80's and early 90's that always had somebody's wife or the farmer's daughter on them. Guess what, not all were that good looking and some were downright disturbing. One had somebody's young granddaughter in a bathing suit and that was really sick. If the girl is nice looking and she isn't being represented in a distasteful way, who the heck cares? Why don't we just make all of the magazines in black and white so the bright colored pictures don't attract people's attention as well?

PS:My fiance looked at that Frenchy picture and she said wasn't offended at all but remarked that it was a cool airplane. That's my girl!
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