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uh oh...
I know I'm gonna get in some hot water here.....but, what is so terrible at looking at a beautiful woman? Are we so far escaped from reality as to expect men to NOT want to look?
If a woman did NOT want to be looked at ,at all, by men, then whay do your hair, why put on make up, why wear low cut shirts? I'm not objectifying, I'm just saying , WHY IS IT SO BAD???? Women are beautiful, model airplanes can be beautiful..why not combine them?
Look at the F1 and Nascar podiums when the driver wins....who hands him the trophy and stands there for pics? Some hairy old combover financing dude, or a pretty girl? Sorry, but I see nothing wrong.
If women want hot guys on the cover on Cosmo or Womans Day or Redbook,,,, great for them, some guys have great physiques they might enjoy looking at....

Not PC Mark Rittinger
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