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Originally Posted by coro
By the way, the thread title asks for Top notch balancer...
Well, there is one unit that is beautifull and seems technicaly great.
However, for $300, all it can do in real, is to balance the pack. With good and healthy pack, it really means nothing to do, just as any other $40 one .. :-)

Common class to Elprog one, moving energy between cells, instead of simply turning it into heat just as all ordinary balancers do, but this without the display (and without data connection to charger which degrades its function much!), is Schulze:

Well..., both those units seems great.
But that are just colours, price and marketing words, and I have never seen pure technical test verifying accuracy and functions of them, just like those cheap ones were tested hundred times.

The real balance, not meaning just a simple voltage comparison, is measurable only in full charge state. The best way to charge has been implemented quite a long time ago, in FMA Direct chargers.
Use cheap Cellpro 4s and You have "Top notch" balancer. Really.
There is also new 10s 10Amps version of Cellpro, so You can decide how big Your Lipo packs are. (It is not reasonable power-wise to charge high series cellcount Lipo pack at once, for packs of 11s to 20s better split that pack, and use two separate chargers.)

Thanks for mentioning new EQUALizer from Elprog
Did you see this thread?

the most important fact of bleeders is that they will bleed off valuable capacity of good cells to match voltage of the lowest cell in the pack.
If one cell is lugging against the rest in 12 cell pack 11 of them will loose together lots of energy. Charging the only one being behind takes small fraction of that energy and saves lots of time. This is probably a main principal of Elprogs new balancer.
On the other hand EQUALizer is a compromise between old and new to match practical solution for current Pulsar 2 users. It works.
EQUALizer is compatible with Accumatic chargers as well.

I do admire FMA chargers
At one point probably I will try to compare performance of the 10S one with a speed and accuracy of Elprog stuff and how much energy is lost between full charge from FMA charger against swapping energy concept on Elprog balancer.
After about 2 months of intensive testing Elprog duet seems to take the abuse effortlessly.
I have had tested 3 EQUALizers on the same battery packs and all the measurements came out identical to the last .001V on the PC and .01V on the LCD screen.
Is there any thread showing how the balancing process to charge lower cells occurs on FMA chargers? Do they have variable current or use variable pulse length toward the end of balancing procedure? Any hint would help.
I will go to the FMA site now to check it


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