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Cockpit SX Programming help please!

I finished my Carbon Bird and have a couple of good sessions with it. It still scares me as it seems so much quicker than anything else I've flown but I'm getting to enjoy it more with every passing minute.
As my first moulded glider fit out I tried to do everything the right way: top driven flaps, all servos arms as short as possible and offset to allow for differential surface throws.
Using Pilebuck's suggested throws I can get perfect movement on the flaps and ailerons at around 100% servo travel.
So all the programming is done but what I want to do on my 'thermal' flight phase is get a little more down aileron for extra reflex. I've mixed flap to aileron but even at 125% I'm only getting a little extra reflex. The problem is the flaps are dropping such a small proprtion of their total travel that I'm getting the same proportion of the aileron down travel (total down travel is 6.75mm). I know I possibly need less down on the ailerons to keep tip stalling at bay but I still think I need a bit more travel.
Any advice?
I can't get more flap input via a mixer as when Fix Flap is used in a phase it gives no input into the mix no matter what the mix amount is.
I'm probably doing something stupid here.
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