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Originally Posted by doppler1
In theory.
In reality, those canards will have a negligible effect, at best, on lift. They will have an effect on trim, though.
They are tiny in relation to the wings.

The Canard is essentially an inverse-elevator mounted
near the nose. If you want the nose to go up (pitch up), tilt
your canards to a higher angle of attack, and they generate
lift and push the nose up. They can also be tilted down to
pull the nose down. Many modern canard airplanes can tilt
one canard up and one canard down, for roll (more lift on one side,
less lift on the other).

Some planes have non-moving canards just to generate lift
near the front, or for more lift during landing. These canards
are not used in maneuvering the plane, they just provide
more lift at high angles of attack, and better balance.
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