Thread: Build Log Nitro Epic Lt-120 Jet Prop.
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I dug up the stats for the HXT or Turnigy 50-65C motor and it appears that I ran the motor at it's upper limits which could have been the problem.

60 amps max.
1200 watts max.
29.6 volts max.
Suggested props at 8S 16X10
ESC recommended 80A.

Obviously I over stressd the motor, no sense in testing it any further. However, I may go to a Hacker 60s as a replacement, it appears to be lighter than the E-Flite 110.

See what happens when construction was rushed, I stuck this plane together in one week, working three hours in the evening at the most.

If you splurge and pay Nitro the 200 plus bucks for this plane you will be very happy. Oh, I forgot to mention, the wings are removable, they slide on and off with two aluminum wing tubes.

I wasn't planning a build thread on this plane, but, it was so easy to make, has so much potential, and it flies really good, I just had to comment.

More pictures later.

SCALEFAN is online now Find More Posts by SCALEFAN
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