Thread: Build Log Nitro Epic Lt-120 Jet Prop.
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The build is pretty straight forward:

The fuse is fiberglass and painted with gellcoat.
The wings are covered wood.
The rudder feels like it is plastic or thin fiberglass.
The build is very straight forward and there is lots of room inside the fuse with the large canopy removed.
The servos mount toward the rear of the compartment on a large servo tray, the batteries mount forward in the same area.
The plane has no real balance problems or considerations.
The plane flies like it is on rails, very smooth, and has flaps for landing. However, it will float without the flaps.

The plane left the ground in about 200 feet and climbed with authority, a few down clicks on the elevator and it flew perfect. The comments from the peanut gallery were "Hey, it flies like a real jet" ......Shortly after the 3 minute mark the HXT motor froze up and the prop came to a screeching halt. I kept the plane straight, made a very long glide, and landed off runway in some 1 foot weeds with the gear down. NO damage...NONE.

After talking the motor apart, it seems that I overheated it at 8S lipos, and small plastic spacers put between the magents were melted or gone. I'm retro-fitting the motor with a E-Flite 110 ...only because I have a spare.

Anyhow this plane flies great, it's a keeper...I didn't mention that the kits comes with LED lights, only I didn't install them.

The reason for this thread is to make public that the Nitro Planes Epic is a good plane and a very easy electric conversion...we all know that there are some real lemons out there.
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