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I am making progress on cutting the parts. Yes by hand.. The fellow that cut all the parts in one evening must have been up all night..ha ha. It is a process ...Found that the best way to do this is gluing the templates on the balsa with rubber cement...secures the template to the balsa and easy to rub off later (no added weight from a tacky spray)...I also found that a table jig saw made much smoother cuts........If OK with the site I will continue to provide info for new builders like myself on suggestions as I am sure some of you more experienced builders already know these tricks but some of us newbies do not...

I am 90% done on cutting the parts so getting excited about the construction part!

Found the carbon tube at Fleet Farm (an arrow shaft)...Wal-Mart does carry arrows until the season opens around here...perfect tube I would say about 3/8 but fits the plan perfectly...Ouch $8

A few questions before I start that I want to make sure that I get it right the first time

QUESTIONS: The screws that go through the wing appear to go through the wing spars? That would certainly weaken that area? or crack the spars? Or am I missing something?

Directions for Rudder construction say "Glue the parts on the bottom sheeting...Then sand to a taper prior to the covering the other side? This is sanding only one side of the internal construction and would this not put a different angle on one side and not the other...I could understand sanding the internal pieces with taper on both sides prior to gluing to the bottom sheet? What is the correct way to do this?

Hinges for the Rudder and Stabilizer is just like cellophane tape (scotch tape?) Is this strong enough? How then do you cover over the tape with the covering film on the hinged edges that meet?

Motor mount says from 4 - 6 degrees...Is this just best guess? Or is there a more exact or technical way to do this?

I am having a great time building this beauty! Will keep all posted and some pics along the way...............Lee
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