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Richard has the right idea.

Mixing Canards to Elevons really isnt such an oddball mix at all. To put it into a more 'conventional' perspective, it's practically the same concept as mixing Flaps to Elevator. The canards are coupled to the elevons, however they only move when a pitch command is given.

Removing the canards wouldn't be wise at all...
As mentioned earlier, they provide a significant amount of area and are located at a pretty good arm/moment from the CG. Removing the canards all together would change the aircraft's actual CG placement, kill alot of the lift the canard is producing, and you'd have to go back to finding the right CG.

Disabling the canard mix is a good way to go however... Im almost through building a J10 using elevons only, no canards at all, and it should do just fine.

Question for those of you flying this plane EDF:
Are you guys using any sort of intake ducting? Or just gluing the halves together?

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