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New improved Tiger Moth kit by GWS coming soon!

Hey gang,

Got some great news about the GWS Tiger Moth! Forget about the thread, the fishing wire, the cat gut, whatever you are used to using to strengthen the TM wing! You won't need it anymore!!

I was at the RCX show in Anaheim over the weekend, and they have a brand new Tiger Moth kit coming out soon (a few months they said) with much stronger wings, struts, and cowl. I saw one on display, and the new wings are super thick and tough like the strength of the EStarter wing or similiar, and the new cowl is made of thick foam as well and not the flimsy plastic that can crack and get brittle. Wasn't quite sure if the cowl is a separate piece of foam, or if it is a part of the fuse, but this think looks really, really tough. The struts are tough and are attached like the EStarters as well with that cool little plastic snap piece to hold 'em together. The new kit doesn't look quite as sleek with the thicker wing and cowl, but once I get one, I won't miss that egg carton foam anymore!


One of the guys here from the forum took some pics of the RCX show, and he had a pic of the new plane on EZONE a few days ago. I'm trying to find it so I can post it, or maybe someone can find it and do the same.
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