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1010B - First impressions

A friend lent me his Chargery 1010B to play with and I have taken a few quick measurements. Overall I am impressed, essentially everything works as promised in the specifications.

For testing I used a lab-grade HP 972A DMM and did several runs on 3s LiPo and 4s, 5s and 10s A123.

The following items were all within specifications:

* Voltage precision and accuracy (10mV for input/output, 5mV for cells)
* Max charge (200W) and discharge (30W) power
* Power conversion efficiency (93% at 13.8V input, 88% at 11.4V input)
* Cell-to-cell balance (within 10mV)
* Temperature controlled fan (kicks in around 40degC internal)

Operation was simple and logical and the LCD works well at a wide range of angles. The buttons have a very positive tactile click and the unit is well made. I love that I can control the beeps. I turn of the key-confirmation beep, leave the error beep on and set the end-of-charge tone to five quick beeps.

The charger is remarkably small given its power handling abilities. It fits easily in my Tx case and is certainly practical as a field charger. It is worth noting, as mentioned in the manual, that the case is the heatsink and so gets warm to very hot. During a 200W charge cycle it was just warm but during a 30W discharge cycle the base (where the fets are) gets almost too hot to touch. There are warnings about this in the manual, so always use it with appropriate precautions. Perhaps if it had little rubber feet to hold it off the benchtop it would be safer for the bench and allow better cooling of the base ?

The only negative for me was that I could not charge my Tx due to the built-in protection diode in the Tx. This is a common problem with many intelligent chargers although not for my Swallow Advance or Bantam BC6. It would be great if there was a way to override the initial battery connection check and just force the charge cycle to go ahead. The work around is to remove the Tx pack from the Tx but that's not my preference.

Since the iC106B is essentially the same hardware and firmware as the 1010B I think these results show that these new chargers live up to their claims and represent a very competitive new offering and IMO great value for money.

Well done Junsi!
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