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Re: How bad is castor oil in the fuel? (spelling approximate)

Remember that 20 Gallons is a hell of a lot of fuel which should be around
12 months or more of intensive flying.
Castor has always worked and was "the only oil" suitable for model glow
engines for 30 or more years.
The main problem is glazing of the engine but what hasn't been mentioned is
that after a while the muffler also cokes up which will give the same
symptom as no power and overheating.
But kept in should get a year of flying before having to
worry about de-glazing.
If it is a simple 30 size engine I would stick with Castor as it seems to be
readily available to you and after that time the piston/liner would be close
to be worn out.
If it is a good 60 size heli engine then I would start to use pure synthetic
as Castor is really the lubricant from yesteryear and is mainly used now by
the old cheap plank fliers that are stuck with tradition and simple plain
bearing engines.
If you use a YS engine then using Castor is asking for trouble as it
regularly clogs up the fuel pump system and the one-way valve.

"OldSchool" <> wrote in message
> Where I live, there is very limited access to "real" heli fuel. I can
> get Byron's with a synthetic-castor oil blend, but a pure synthetic
> oil fuel would have to be special ordered, with a big jump in price.
> My understanding is that castor gums up the engine with time, but that
> the fuel runs O.K. Is there a way to clean the engine periodically to
> compensate? Should I just plan on getting a new engine every 20
> gallons? Or do I need to quit being so cheap and buy the good stuff?
> Thanks!