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Re: How bad is castor oil in the fuel? (spelling approximate)

On Fri, 02 May 2003 20:20:13 GMT, OldSchool <>

>Where I live, there is very limited access to "real" heli fuel. I can
>get Byron's with a synthetic-castor oil blend, but a pure synthetic
>oil fuel would have to be special ordered, with a big jump in price.
>My understanding is that castor gums up the engine with time, but that
>the fuel runs O.K. Is there a way to clean the engine periodically to
>compensate? Should I just plan on getting a new engine every 20
>gallons? Or do I need to quit being so cheap and buy the good stuff?

A point in case:
I dropped the 2% Castor I was adding to 16% synth and noted it revs
out better (61WC), I carry a lot of extra load and got to a point
recently with an EOS camera and big lens I couldnt get the heli off
the ground and maintain head speed.
it slowly bled off till it lost alltitide.
Dropping the 2% castor was enough to make it rev clean up top and hold
This is an 18lb Ergo60 sport.
They are 10Lb standard.
The fact it doesnt labour as much is a good thing for longevity of the
Another fact is the Castor was forcing me to lean it off to get it to
hold full revs it wouldnt do in the end at 245F eng temp, no Castor it
holds peak revs no problem and carries the weight easily at 215Feng
I use Klotz all synth.
20% Nitro.