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Re: How bad is castor oil in the fuel? (spelling approximate)

"OldSchool" <> wrote in message
> Where I live, there is very limited access to "real" heli fuel. I can
> get Byron's with a synthetic-castor oil blend, but a pure synthetic
> oil fuel would have to be special ordered, with a big jump in price.
> My understanding is that castor gums up the engine with time, but that
> the fuel runs O.K. Is there a way to clean the engine periodically to
> compensate? Should I just plan on getting a new engine every 20
> gallons? Or do I need to quit being so cheap and buy the good stuff?

If you can accept the engine gumming and occasional cleaning session, plus
cleaning the crap off the heli, then use the fuel you can get easiest.

And it's not a massive job cleaning a "castored" engine either, although it
does require the thing is removed from the heli (usually) and stripped down.
It's the piston and liner that suffers from the carbon deposits andy can be
removed by boiling both items in a saucepan filled with water and BIOLOGICAL
washing powder (not he crap used in dishwashers, but for clothes washing)
which is kept "topped up" with the powder as the water gets browner and

Another method is boiling in anti-freeze, but that stuff REALLY stinks so I
don't use it myself, although it's rumoured to work very well.

Once all the deposits have gone, a rinse under running water then oil the
buggers up and re-build the motor.

One night of arsing about isn't much, in the greater scheme of things.


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