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Re: How bad is castor oil in the fuel? (spelling approximate)

a small amount of castor in my opinion say 2% is good as you get a little
more protection on a lean run . also i have not sufferd from gumming up yet
but have yet to put 20 gallons through one engine .


"OldSchool" <> wrote in message
> Where I live, there is very limited access to "real" heli fuel. I can
> get Byron's with a synthetic-castor oil blend, but a pure synthetic
> oil fuel would have to be special ordered, with a big jump in price.
> My understanding is that castor gums up the engine with time, but that
> the fuel runs O.K. Is there a way to clean the engine periodically to
> compensate? Should I just plan on getting a new engine every 20
> gallons? Or do I need to quit being so cheap and buy the good stuff?
> Thanks!