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Originally Posted by JMSTECH
Tim... let me know what you think of reusing the foam for ailerons. I tried that on my first EZ* and it was far too flimsy and worked horrible for me. I noticed some used balsa instead.

I managed to sneak in a maiden flight yesterday without the camera pod. Here's what I found from the one single flight I had, and since you have an EZ* maybe you can give me some tips from your experience...

I certainly have no shortage of power with the motor/prop combo. I think this thing could go faster than my F-27C Stryker!

When I launched, I was right around 1/2 throttle. I tossed it with the nose up just slighly and it easily was on its way. Immediately I noticed that it had a STRONG tendency to nose up. I wound up trimming my elevator as far down as I could. Now here's the strange behavior that I can't totally figure out:

No throttle: glided straight ahead with no tendency to nose up or down. Actually acted like it cold glide forever.

Half throttle: Wanted to nose up. I was constantlly pushing down on the elevator.

Full throttle: Friggin fast! It seems to lose most of its nose-up tendency with full throttle applied. Realize, though, that the elevator was trimmed as far down as it could go.

I'm thinking that the CG may have been too far back. I have to cram the battery all the way up front to get the CG to the recommended location when I don't have the camera pod attached. Maybe my thrust line is off a little. I should be set at the same angle as the stock motor, but my motor is just a tad higher so maybe I need a little more down thrust. Actually, when I think about it, down thrust behind the CG could cause it to nose up even more. I guess I'll work the CG first.

Ailerons: They seemed fine at cruising or fast speeds, although not as effective as other planes I have. At slow speeds they were completely innefective. I have to remember that this isn't a "performance" plane... I'll increase the throw for the next flight.

I was going to fly it with the video pod to test it out, but I managed to break one of the plastic clips that hold the canopy/EZpod on. I should have heeded the warnings on how weak they are. I just caught it with a servo wire and it was broken before I even realized I was snagged.

So...I'll fool around a bit with the CG and the throws and hopefully be able to get in a better flight some time in the next week...or two...or three. Darned kids, work, wife, and house projects (not in any particular order!).
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