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The second picture, has a sketch of a layout I was playing with. I repositioned the motor in various ways, to get a better CG and fit of equiment.

One of the Options was to go with the motor offset to the side so that I could move the controllers near the CG and relocate the battery towards the front and hide it under the canopy, but this still made the nose too long.
The solution was to keep the the original setup but lower the Controller a bit more and mount the battery under the front LG Struts.

About the Original 400mah Single Cell Battery:

Have you ever wondered why this battery is so darn big? that it takes most of the bottom section of the heli?

Well, the answer to that question is that because this heli needs a very powerful little motor, at a nominal 3.5 VDC, this little bugger pulls close to 1/2 amp no load. So obviously Walkera decided to go with a this size battery to give the heli some decent flying time. A great size battery for a great little heli but the size can be smaller, so not to take away from the looks of the heli and the heli can be kept lighter too.

I had some 250 and 300 mah narrow batteries and these look more appealing but at a reduction in flight time. Something to consider if you are looking to make your Walkera heli more aesthetically pleasing.
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