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Brian Chan
Brian Chan
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Re: [RCSE] F5J - Gaining Altitude by adding Camber

>I was contemplating the idea of trading velocity for altitude by adding
>TE camber during ascent on an 3.4 meter F5J Moebius, as opposed to
>leaving the TE clean and working the elevator based on observation.
>At first thought, it would seem that it is six of one, and half a dozen
>of another. The end-goal is to increase ascent-rate efficiency during
>motor-run, in other words get to altitude sooner using the same amount
>of power.
>Any thoughts...anyone experimented with this before I put a LoLo in and

Depends on the airfoil, some are designed for chamber changing and
some are not. Look at what you have and decide what to do.


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