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broken bones? do grapes fight back??
No, but forklifts, tractors, presses, crushers and augers certainly don't ask questions. Then there's slippery floors, hoses to trip over........There have actually been a few deaths in the winery (2 this year in Australia ) so it's actually a pretty dangerous place to work. There's also the water and electricity, I've had a few tingles most years just to wake me up in the morning .

I say lets have a toast to flyonline in recognition of his hard work
Sure, rub it in why don't you

Like tax season, but with less accountants (I think?)
Hell no, everything has to be accounted for and the bean counters want to make as much money as possible from the little they have.

probably stronger than watered down new zealand grape juice
Its still stronger than your beer..........and the UK is our biggest market, so they must like something about it

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