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Originally Posted by Jugjock

Would you be willing to give a demo on constructing and attaching rondelles, crosses, arrows, stripes, and alpha-numerics? Like most Newbies, I have this naive urge to immediately jump into the most complex decals and covering techniques first. BTW, your postings have saved me a LOT of frustration and expense. I owe you big-time.

Dear Chris,

Good suggestion regarding a chapter on decorating a plane with insignia, letters and numbers.

Post #31 of this thread shows the basics of decorating a plane with pressure sensitive trim sheets. Most roundels, stripes, numbers and other insignia available for RC planes are printed on pressure-sensitive film. Some older kits used water slide decals, which worked nicely on tissue and dope.

There are two challenges associated with adding pressure-sensitive insignias and alpha-numeric characters:

(1) Getting the decoration where you want it, and
(2) Eliminating air bubbles.

The mild soapy water trick with credit card squeegee works well for *most* pressure sensitive decals. I have found that GWS stickers have an adhesive that is ruined when it gets wet. I test the decal adhesive before I try the credit card squeegee/soapy water technique. Generally pressure-sensitive decals have to be cut out individually. The surrounding clear film can be used for testing. GWS decals are easy to reposition when applied "dry” since GWS uses an adhesive that does not stick all that well. Since pressure-sensitive decals vary by brand a little testing is always a good idea.

Jumping in with both feet is exactly what I do! I continually try new tools and techniques. Some of these new techniques work for me, and some don't! Maybe I should include a chapter on techniques that I that have tried that were disastrous!

Thanks, Bruce
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