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You now, bottom line, I dont really care if OBIWANN is Mother Teresa reincarnated, what bothers me a bit is from what I have heard OBIWANN is a grown man in his late 30s who acts like a child, by continuously asking the same sort of ouestions over and over even when offered reasonable answers. He also makes WAY to many redundant and useless posts which is disrespectful to not only the intellegence of other members, but to those asking legitimate questions. He clogs up this and other forums, not to mention this web site which is a direct insult to those that started RC-GROUPS. Many if not all of us may have drifted a bit in a few our posts, but I have never seen any one abuse it quite the way he does, and you know some thing , some of the rest of us encourage him to do so, by kind of 'egging' him on. This poor S.O.B.s life probrably stinks and this is just one way that he can draw attention to himself. I really dont think that he knows what an ass he is making himself out to be , or worse, he does and likes it. Hey if every one 'in general' thinks he's a pain in the ass and just 'MUCKS" up the forum certainly some thing can be done if not to ban him out right, then prohibit him from posting these sensless, and distracting blurbs once and for all
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