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It depends on what kind of a mount your motor has. If it has a bearing tube sticking out the back, I use one of those clamp type mounts on a square stick glued into the foam with hot melt. If it has a back plate mount, I glue on a square of aircraft ply, 'eye balling' the thrust lines, then back it up with blocks of foam and trim off the excess with a very sharp blade.

What will the NutBAll do better than a Dart? Hummmm, where to start?

It can fly slower than slow, harries and hovers much better with improved control at all speed ranges. Turns on a dime, loops both both ways and rolls both ways more precisely, the rolls being more around the axis, so rolling circles are a breeze. Does nice stall turns if you don't give her too much rudder and flys inverted much much better, keeping in mind that when inverted the rudder command is opposite of course. You can pull off 'walls' and 'elevators' like a Shockie and inverted spins are hard to count because it becomes a blurr. If you hang it on the prop, it does not too bad torque rolls too. Keep in mind that this is all I've tried do far and have the rudder/elevator at about 45 degress travel at full throw and the CG well back. a trainer it can cruise around slowly always wanting to fly right side up all by it's self.

I think what make the different and in my opinion a better flyer that the Dart, is the polyhedral and it's shorter coupled.

Try one and see, it's so easy to build there's no reason not too. It will be interesting to see if the other guys here back up my claims, or just consider me 'Frank the Crank'.
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