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For the first time (but I hope not last) ever, the U.S. Scale Masters was held here in Oregon. It was great! There were supposed to be several turbine powered jets competing, but with the attacks recently only one showed up, but boy was it ever something! You've probably seen it in the R/C mags. It was Shailesh Patel's F-86 Saber dressed up in USAF Skyblazer livery. This plane is HUGE! Approx. 8' long, Wt.- 40+ lbs. Using an AMT Olympus turbine.

As Bill G. said, it was very loud in the pits, but in the air it was very quiet. Short take off run, didn't seem to be underpowered at all! Unfortunately on the final flight of the day the mains failed to extend, so he raised the nose gear and brought her in on the drop tanks on the grass porton of the field. I didn't get to see the landing, but from what I heard the plane didn't seem to be much the worse for wear.

To keep this post E-Power related, there was also Bob Benjamin with his Astro powered Aeronca K sport plane (Beautiful!) and Jerry Holcomb with his Dewoitine 338 Tri-Motored airliner (one of my favorite models of the meet!). Both of these planes were very detailed and the pilots flew them in very scale like manner. Bob has been selected to compete in the International Scale competition, which I believe is a first for an electric powered plane(?) R/L
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