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They've come a long way! When I flew with the Swindon club off Wroughton airfield, in 1991-ish, the guy who was importing JPX came out to there from London to fly off our decently maintained tarmac.

The engine ran on propane, and was hung off the bottom of a swept wing, vaguely jet shaped model - nothing like the scale ships of today. His starting gear far outnumbered everything else in the pits, with bottles of all sorts, electrics and heaven knows what else. Naturally, we all observed the sort of start up safety procedures that would send the AMA into spasms. As soon as he looked like flying, we all clustered around him, only finally moving to let the model taxy out. He usually took off just outside the pits and straight onto the air - we had that kind of space and no-one would fly when "The Jet" was imminent.

The UK / US divide is never more clearly seen than in model jets. The US - hand over every detail about you, and a first born child, to be allowed to go buy-buys. In the UK, I came across the Turbine Homebuilders Association running their jets and turboprops up in the parking area of Old Warden three years ago!

I think if I win the lottery, I shall rush out and buy - a five cylinder fourstroke radial!
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