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WOW! - Got to see my first RC Turbine Jet.

I went to my Local flying field with 2 Electric Plane + I gas Sig Kadet Seniorita. There was a guy there with a Real RC Jet, JP4 Powered with a Propane Tank for starting.
Just starting the thing was a trip but then hearing that thing spooling up was cool. He took the thing off in much less distance than a ducted fan & the sound of that jet engine when he did a low fast pass 1 ft off the runway was AWESOME!! Gave me chills.
Any of you guys had a chance to get up close to one of these turbine powered RC jets?

P.S. - I was told that this guy spent $6,000 on this plane. He did 4 missed approaches & we feared he was about out of fuel but at the last minute, came in from the west end of the runway & greased her in! Whew!
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