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That chopper looks identical to the AH-64 Apachchee sold by ECOMAN/ MICROGEAR in the recent past. A friend of mine bought 2 for his Grand kids in the states and to make a long story short, one crashed and the other sat new in the box over the past year or so. He had the them both shipped over here to Germany ( he also is here in Germany now) for me to look at, and generally I was not impressed when compared to say, my blade CX. There were dozens of tiny screws holding the body together, and the servos, were buried in there. The 4-1 modual was mounted at a slant on the front tray causing trouble with the gyro to calibrate itself and the mounting of the blades to the outer shaft was into softer gray plastic by 2 screws and the one crash he had cracked the holes that the screws went into making it unreparable AND the brand new one had a malfunctioning 4-1 modual. I dont know if yours is the same as these but I hope not and wish you better luck
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