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statement response to FLYPARTY re EPP Eagle

First of all, I would like to say EPP Eagle indeed is a great plane and fun to fly.

That's why we contacted FLYPARTY around June 2007 and agreed to translate his Chinese manual of Eagle and Pitts kit to English version and to promote his Eagle and Pitts as much as we can. And because it is such great plane and through our promotion and our customers' great feedback on RC Groups, EPP eagle has become well known very quickly.

This is when other distributors become interested to sell this plane. Eflypower had been asked to raise the selling price so other FLYPARTY's other distributor can earn more profit. And FLYPARTY first increased the supply price to us and then stopped supplying to us at all as we do not wish to get into Price war.

As for so called pirated version of Eagle kit claimed by FLYPARTY, the truth is, the Eagle was developed by a team of enthusiasts not solely owned. We have contacted one of the developers and he agrees to supply EflyPower with improved version of EPP Eagle and other designs. And yes, its up to customers to decide where to buy and support their favourite suppliers.

We just wish to clarify that our Eagle kit and amount other products are all legally acquired . As we stated since 2004, though we have a commerical website, our intention is to promote R/C fly to be as easily accessible and affordable as possible. We also encourage every pilot to share your experience and knowledge to make R/C fly an enjoyable and fun leisure. Even though there were some vicious asperse towards Eflypower due to business compeition over the years, we still believe and will continue to provide best competitive prices and services to all of you.

We regret that this partnership no longer work out with FLYPARTY. We do hope to see him sucessfully develop more great designs soon.
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