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Originally Posted by Ketsueki
okay so im getting closer to ordering my tigermoth 400, however im trying to figure out what im going to need for it. what motor/esc/prop/battery do you guys suggest? i want to go brushless and im going to want a fair amount of power, i like the whole idea of only needing a few feet for a run way as far as batteries go right now i have a couple of 1300 mah lonng max 25c packs (yeah they probably arnt 25c) but im thinking about ordering a couple of the 2000 mah packs, i was thinking about ordering my stuff from hobby city but im open to all suggestions

thanks guys
I've been flying my TM 400 for about 5 months now. I'm no acrobatic pilot, yet. I'm using the KDA 2020 from Hobby City with the programmable Tower Pro Mag 8 20Amp programmable ESC (I recommend the $4 programming box).
The packs are Loong Max 3s 1300s. And--I'm ashamed to admit it, I have flown the plane since the maiden on 3 of the Hobby city 9gr servos at $3.34 a piece. (I buy them by the 10 pack when they have them. I even buy the rebuild kits for a buck). The props are GWS DD 1060s.

I am thinking about trying the Turnigys mentioned by Tom Frank above as Hobby City goes out of stock on things often.

Will the 2000s fit in the battery compartment, if, of course, you are using the forward cockpit for the battery compartment?
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