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Short Story w/ Bad Ending (with some pics)

It's all you guys fault. Because....I've had my Moth for quite some time but haven't been flying it much lately. So the weather's been not too great for a week or so and I've been killing time reading forum posts. I came across this thread and was impressed with the planes that all of you had put together. It got me thinking I should pull the old Moth out and fly it. Well yesterday morning was the time. We were in between storms so I thought I'd get a little stick time at the school next door. The school has a nice grass field that's right next to a 3 story gym. Good place to fly, except you have to stay away from the gym. Long story short, a little more breeze than I thought and I completed a roll too close to the gym. I barely made it over the gym but the Moth hit the roof. For a second I though the plane would be stuck on the roof, which, in hind sight, probably would have been better than what happened. The Moth bounced off the roof and broke the prop, so no power. Then it went straight down. Hit nose first in a dirt planting area and....well the pics say it all. Broken upper wing, cracked lower wing, broken gearbox, etc., etc., etc. I think I can repair it pretty easily, but it's still a downer. It was a pretty neat looking plane, if I do say so myself.

Here's pics of the carnage. I'll post pics of the repaired Moth. I'm going out to start on it now. BTW, anybody know a good place to get a new cowl?

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