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Ok, Fly is done. Need Maiden


Just finished my second "fly/flea". This is the latest SuperFly from . I really liked the HyperFlea so I bought this larger version. The build went MUCH easier partly because it's larger and so is everything els, but also because I've kinda already built one..


- (stock motor) TowerPro outrunner 21T
- Berg4 - removed the casing and used a mini anenna
- CC18A ESC.
- HXT 9g servos (hey they are great $3 servos!)
- (stock prop) 8x6

No bullets, just ESC and motor soldered together. Shortened wires.

- 3s lipo: 3s lipo 1500mAh 15c= 16.2A @160W WOT
- 2s lipo: 2s lipo 1250mAh 10c= 9.3A @62W WOT

Just from the build, I'd have to say that this is "meant' for 2s lipos. Because I really had to do some mods to get 3s to fit. Like making the canopy more hollow to fit a 3s 1500. I can now just velcro down a 2s or 3s and get proper CG with the way I have it setup. I don't like the way the prop mounts to the motor shaft, it just doesn't really feel that secure- as if it's going to get loose and just spin..
I didn't go crazy on the paint this time. Used Typhoon 2 pushrods instead of the ones that came with the fly.

Are people happy with flying this thing on 2s? I have not flown it yet, but just asking what most people are doing with them.


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