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Fellas, I'd about given up on my F-14..... I fly out of my backyard which is lined with trees. I had tried 3 different motors, many propellers and several batteries. First I flew with the FC 28-12. Either my copies of the 2812 are tame or my larger batteries are on their way out. My amperage readings don't jive with listed reports on RCGroups. I'll probably wind up rewinding my Emax motors for better power. I tried the 2805 but was not impressed. My last motor was the 2409-12 delta. High speed performance was never an issue with any of the above motors, but the plane flew like a tank at low speeds. I need lots of thrust and control to circle inside the trees, land etc.

After rewinding one of my BW motors for a 28" SkyRay, I noticed a huge improvement in performance. I knew my rewound Blue Wonder would be perfect in the F-14. I decided to wind another with 11 turns of 24awg to use in the F-14. I replaced the heavy 25a ESC and 1500mah batteries with much lighter components. I shaved about a quarter of a pound from the F-14!

I cut down an 8040DD to 7", amp draw is probably around 9-10 amps WOT. Using a Hextronik 860mah 3S 20C battery pack I'm getting really good flight times and performance. Top speed is less than the larger motors, but low speed performance, turning radius and run times are all vastly improved. Vertical is OK, just enough to get out of trouble and roll straight up into the air. It's pretty windy out today, I'm sure the plane will fly even better once things calm down a bit. I'll try and get some video later this week.

Lighter is always better.

From this;

To this;

Different setups tried on the F-14;


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