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Originally Posted by Mike Seale
I want to build a Knuffel and have the tiled pdf file to work from. But I have difficulty getting all the separate sheets to line up due to the printer not printing right up to the edge of the sheets. The cm scale along the top/bottom edge of the paper is correct but then if I just butt-joint the sheets it doesn't work. It looks like I need to overlap the sheets by about 1 or 2mm. Is this normal or is there a trick to tiled pdf's?

There is no trick to tiled PDFs. Unfortunately, most of the producers of tiled PDFs do not seem to realize it's not a good idea to produce a PDF page that requires printing in the non-printable zone of most printers to be able to print the PDF tiles.

ScaleAndTile3 is one program that is specifically designed for scaling and tiling plans/3-views correctly. The page widths and heights for the most frequently used sizes, LETTER and A4, are 1/2" smaller than the nominal page dimensions, so printing centered on the nominal size paper leaves about 1/4" white space all around the tile, nicely missing the non-printable zone for most laser printers.

The PDFs produced by ScaleAndTile3 are always borderless, so if the user is fortunate enough to have access to a printer that is really capable of faithfully producing borderless pages, he/she can take advantage of that feature (Frankly, I see no advantage to borderless printing, as the paper alignment is not accurate enough for use to print tiled plans).

ScaleAndTile3 employs very-accurately-placed alignment aids on the tiles that make it easy to achieve correct alignment of the tiles when you are assembling a large, single-sheet plan from tiles.

ScaleAndTile3 is free for personal, non-commercial use and may not be redistributed. That means you can only get it from me, and that you may not give it to anyone else. See the threads that start with "ScaleAndTile2" and "ScaleAndTile3" over in the Foamies (Scratchbuilt) forum for more details on features, as well as how to get it, if you're interested.

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Bill Segraves
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