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Sorry, I had to comment!

Whether I agree or not with France's actions in the lead up to the Iraq war, I feel that many of these appends are of the flavour "Anyone who disagree's with the good 'ol US of A must have something wrong with them / can't be trusted etc"

People MUST be allowed their opinions, isn't that what you'd expect in the US? Freedom of speech and all that? Or is it 'freedom of speech, as long as you agree with my view'?

So how come you don't expect anybody else to be allowed it?

Regarding doing deals with the baddies. From what I hear EVERY government has had dealings with 'evil regimes' - UK happily sells arnaments to India / Pakistan etc, US supported Iraq (including weapons etc),France supported xxxxxxx, so it goes on.

You need to get past the jingoistic knee-jerk reaction brought on by somebody disagreeing with you, and be prepared to listen to the other side, maybe there is something in their argument that you've been blind to!

I agree with you, that views and actions diametrically opposed to your own, can be somewhat pinful to accept, but that's what maturity is all about!

Just my 'five pennorth' (2cents?),

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