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Originally Posted by ajroahkni
The Burly is very much like mylar (might it be?) - which is on your list of approved coverings. Not sure of what type of mylar is permitted for use, but the burly is not nearly as thick or stiff as vac-bagging mylars.
That's useful to know (John is it?). I'm glad you mentioned Mylar because I have been consulting a few of our EPP60 tribal elders and have gleaned that the mylar that was under consideration when the rules were drawn up is the super thin stuff sometimes used on free flight models!

I received this informative reply from Mike Shellim, guardian and original author of the rules (and what an excellent, professional job he did!). I hope he won't mind me reproducing it here:

"I have to admit that the rule on covering is a little ambigous, as clearly
mylar at one molecule thick is 'soft', while the same material at 1mm thick
is not. Therefore, I think you have to take the list of acceptable materials
as a guide only.

IMO the key factor is whether the material is 'stretchy' i.e. can be
deformed other than by bending. By this measure, Sellotape is not soft, but
vinyl tape is. Likewise very thin mylar *may* be, while thick mylar isn't.
Can't comment further without seeing some of the stuff, but I think your
judgement can only be as good as mine on this, and anyway you're the
coordinator - see I know how to wriggle out of things :-)

If it's not legal, but you feel that it would be of benefit while remaining
true to the EPP ethos, you could always suggest tabling a proposal to vary
the rules for next year."
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