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What Are The Issues Likely to Be?

Here are a few to start you off:

Top of the list has to be the question of whether these coverings are “soft” in the sense of the definition of “soft coverings” in the rules. I can tell you now that reports of the Plastic Ply Burly lead me to believe that this one is almost certainly going to fall outside that definition.

New Stuff is, cheap, quick, easy (particularly in the case of the shrinkable Balisticover) to apply and requires no volatile solvents. The decreased build times might attract disillusioned old hands back and encourage new pilots to race.

Since one of the reported benefits of the New Stuff is improved robustness then there is a possibility that New Stuff planes will inflict disproportionate damage on “conventionally” covered planes in the event of a mid-air. We don’t yet know if this would happen but if it should prove to be the case then it would be bound to cause bad feeling.

If 2 New Stuff planes collide will they be less likely to be terminally damaged than conventionally covered planes or are we just indulging in more pointless “arms racing”?

If it didn’t take you long to build the plane you’ll be less upset if it gets totalled.

All 4 grades of New Stuff are clear so colouring your model (important for identification during a race) would be an issue to overcome.


In the end rules are rules but this material may have properties which place it somewhere in between the currently permitted and banned materials. So there may have to be a balanced judgement and it may have to take into account the ”spirit” of the rules. Obviously until we see it this is all speculative but as none of us has seen it yet I’m interested to hear everybody else’s initial opinions which will, until I see a sample, be no less or more informed than my own.

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