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The picture above must be that of French President Jacque Chirac in his younger years.

We must quit deluding ourselves that France is a friend and ally. France will always be in world affairs for France only and will sell out any friend or ally at the mere hint of a better deal. France sold nuclear technology to Iraq in the first place and the Exocet missiles to the Argentines that sunk the HMS Sheffield and that killed many British sailors. France is a leading exporter of advanced weapons technology to renegade states throughout the world. France was a brutal colonial power that withdrew from NATO when the USA opposed continuation of its oppressive colonial rule. And France voluntarily became Vichy in World War II and played an active role in the killing of thousands of Jews. The French themselves are lovely people as I came to find out when I visited over 10 years ago. It hurts me to say that I am a French-decendent, but France needs to boycotted economically and politically in the most strenuous terms for as long as it takes to make them a responsible and civilized nation. For myself, I will never knowingly buy French goods or support any French business again nor will I ever travel to France as long as France's irresponsibility towards world affairs and blatant stirring up of anti-American sentiment throughout the world continues.
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