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The little Curtiss FLYS!

Well, went out to the CCRC field this afternoon late figuring the winds would be down and I'd be all alone to witness the lifespan of my little Curtiss.

Get to the field and here's Jake Weaver, Richard Coleman and our latest "member to be" a gentleman named Steve. I gave Steve the .com addresses of this site as well as some others to get him really stirred up in our hobby. He'll make a fine member and pilot!

So Jake and Richard are just starting a trainer/sport plane....and they are on channel 24. What are the chances? They flew around a bit and then handed "the stage" over to see what would happen.

Wind out of the S-SE at about 5 or so, so after performing a complete systems check including range checking (I are the Safety Director ya dig) with the little Berg 4 performing flawlessly, it was time to head down to the west end of the runway and take off cross runway into the wind.

About 65% power and the little Curtiss rolled out about 20 feet and lifted off. Climbing out I heard Richard exclaim ""BEAUTIFUL!" from the shed. I thought to myself "Oh NO! Don't say it!" as the little Curtiss climbed with authority. A click of up and a click of left and she's flying like a Speed 400 Super Cub! Flew around with some altitude for about 10 minutes at about 60% power and then set up for the landing coming out of the North. Kept a little power on and set her down on the runway with a flair at about an inch off the deck. She rolls out a few feet and comes to a stop.

As for maiden flights being rated from 1-10, this one was a 48!

Rube, AKA Dave Huff
ps---if you look in the scale electric planes forum I listed the details, and there is even a build thread and video of the same plane built by a fellow in Arizona....that I wasn't aware of until I had finished mine. Check out the link and the video for sure!
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