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Originally Posted by cvlex
My SRB showed slightly right rudder tendency so I adjusted the trimmer
on RX unit (see pics attached). Hirobo recommends to trim rudder with this
trimmer, not tx trim or subtrim.
My guess is that the trimmer on the RX unit is a mixer gain adjustment.

On another topic, my guess is that the SRB
seems not so worth its price
because at least in the US, something like the Honey Bee fixed pitch is
already considered small and tame enough to fly indoors.

But the Honey Bee fixed pitch would be way too large and wild to fly in some of
the places in the world that I have visited
(think of a middle class family of 5 living in the equivalent space of
a small studio apartment found in the US).
It is probably people in these places who want to fly a single main rotor
heli in their living room that the SRB is aimed for.

Yes, there are other small heli's like the Walkera 4#3.
But my guess is that the SRB is probably more stable and
will do less damage to delicate furniture, etc. on a crash:
I have both an Hirobo XRB lama and an Esky lama 2.
The Esky lama is less expensive and faster,
but the Hirobo XRB is much more stable, and with its
foam blades, less likely to chop a potted plant, etc.
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